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Hairstyles Tips: Spiral Perms

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Spiral Perm Hairstyles Spiral

Spiral perms have a certain saucy look overall. A woman can look her gorgeous best with spiral perm hairstyles. Spiral perms have been visible on the fashion circuit for a great number of years. This hairstyle was particularly popular in the 1980s. So, what is it about spiral hairstyles that has caught the fancy of people all over the world? While some prefer to add more perms to their natural curls, others opt for it because of the overall flirty and glamorous look it gives a woman. Basically, spiral perms are still around on the fashion circuit due to their glamorous appeal, although straight hairstyles have been very popular especially amongst teens.

What are Spiral Perm Hairstyles?

Perms basically refer to curly hair however, these are styled through an artificial process. Women who are not blessed with natural curls prefer to visit a hairstylist for permanent waves, also known as perms. There are different types of perms, which depends upon the hairstylist and the method used to curl the tresses. Hair is treated with chemicals and that defines the type of perm. Hair is also wrapped around rods; the length of this also affects the way a perm may finally look. For example, the width of the rod defines how loose a curl will look ultimately. Vertical hair rods are used to create loose and beautiful ringlets. Horizontal rods are used to create tighter perms that are closer to the head. So, depending upon the kind of look you require, you can opt for the treatment accordingly.

Basic Steps for Spiral Perm Hairstyles
Use these basic steps to create fun and flirty spiral perms. Always wash hair and avoid using a conditioner before you begin perming.

spiral perms

Things you need:-

* Perming Rods
* Tail Comb
* Hair Clips
* Wrapping Paper
* Towels
* Perming Kit

First, begin by parting hair in four sections. The first parting should begin in the middle. Make another parting which can be about halfway down towards the back area of the head. Use hair clips to secure this section.

spiral perms

Now, you need to begin from the back portion of your head. Definitely, you will need a friend for this process. Take one section for the wrapping. Comb it and use the wrapping paper to cover the ends of the hair. This process should be done for all sections of the strands. Now, begin with the wrapped section of the hair and wrap it around the rod. You can roll it and secure with a band. The same process should be repeated for the other sections of the hair.

Once you have managed to wrap the hair sections around the rods, it is time to apply the perming solution. Basically, the kind of perming solution used depends upon the one available in the perming kit. Always refer to the instructions given in such kits. Ensure this is applied to the hair evenly. Another thing you need to bear in mind is the time factor. Time yourself as per the duration given in the kit. One section can be unwrapped if you wish to see the look of the perms. Once done, rinse hair very gently. After the rinse, use a towel to blot the excess moisture. After this, you need to apply a neutralizer all over, evenly. Wait for five minutes and then rinse hair with cold water. Remove the rods. Rinsing hair again with water can be an option if needed. Avoid using a shampoo immediately after the process.

Once the perming process is over, treat hair even more gently. Use products meant for treated hair. Avoid combing your hair in a vigorous fashion. Brushing hair vigorously only loosen up the perms. Once you get comfortable with your new look, you simply need to have some fun! Team it up with a gorgeous dress and cause others to go a shade of green!



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